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Multiple Ballistic Missile attacks On Saudi Arabia And UAE

The attack comes just a week after Yemen Houthi rebels claimed an attack on Abu Dhabi. Last week's attack killed three people six others were injured.

Multiple ballistic missile attacks on Saudi Arabia and UAE

The United Arab Emirates intercepted two ballistic missiles targeting the capital Abu Dhabi in the early hours of Monday. The Government Dialogue Committee of the UAE gave this information. The state news agency WAM tweeted that missile fragments fell on the capital Abu Dhabi. No one has been harmed by this.

The Saudi coalition sats they have also destroyed a launch pad in Yemen Al - joff that was being used to launch ballistic missiles. The military alliance of Arab countries seems to be more strict towards the Houthis (Houthis Missile Attacks). This Iran-backed extremist organization recently carried out a drone airstrike on Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).In which three people including two Indians and Pakistanis died. Later the Houthis also claimed responsibility for this attack.

Two Indians killed in a drone attack

The Houthis used cruise and ballistic missiles along with drones for this attack on January 17. The UAE was, but the Houthis had attacked it for the first time. Earlier he was targeting only Saudi Arabia. After this attack, the UAE demanded from US president Joe Biden that the Houthis be declared a terrorist organization again. Saudi Arabia, India, and the United Nations also strongly condemned the attack.

Houthi rebels threaten to take revenge on Emirate and Saudi Arabia

The Houthis have threatened revenge on the Emirate and saudi Aradia. At the same time the saudi-led coalition said on sunday that a ballistic missile fired by Houthi rebels on the saudi side landed in an industrial area in saudi Arabia s Jizang a foreigner with minor injuries.

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