Mridul Toolsidass, the director of Toolsidas Junior, said of his father Rajiv Kapoor and the Nation

Updated: Jul 23

the 68th National Film Awards' best Hindi film prize went to Toolsidas Junior. The movie's director, Mridul Toolsidass, referred to it as a blessing from Rajiv Kapoor and his father, both of whom passed away prior to the movie's debut.

Toolsidas Junior, directed by Mridul Toolsidass, won the best Hindi film prize at the 68th National Film Awards on Friday. The sports movie, which has the support of Ashutosh Gowariker, is based on the director's true tale and centres on his early years with his father. Rajiv Kapoor made his final on-screen appearance before he passed away. Mridul expressed his joy at winning by dedicating the prize to Rajiv Kapoor and his late father.

"I cannot think of a finer homage to both, my real and reel fathers, as we win this award today," Mridul said in a statement. My passion project, Toolsidas Junior, was created as a tribute to my father, who was portrayed on movie by Rajiv Kapoor. Unfortunately, both my father and Rajiv sir passed away before the movie was released, but I'm certain that it was their blessings that led to today's success.

Varun Buddhadev, the lead actor in Toolsidas Junior, also received a special mention from the panel for his work. The narrative of a snooker champion (Rajiv Kapoor) who develops an alcohol addiction and loses his chance to win a trophy is told in the movie. In an effort to bring home the trophy at the Snooker championship, his son Toolsidas Junior receives specialised tutoring from previous Indian champion (Sanjay Dutt). Toolsidas Junior is determined to put his family name back on the winner's board. The life story of Mridul served as inspiration for the movie, and Rajiv's father figures somewhat into the character of Rajiv.

He commented on one occasion "Receiving the renowned accolade once more is a huge honour. The fact that Toolsidas Junior was my first production effort makes it even more unique. I am incredibly grateful to see the results of our efforts at AGPPL, who took the risk to build a platform for young and talented directors to convey their tales. After Lagaan, the sports genre has always held a special place in my heart. Now, Toolsidas has given me the highest honour for yet another sports drama."

Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Ashutosh Gowariker, and Sunita Gowariker all provided support for the movie. After a TV premiere on Sony Max two days earlier, it was streamed on Netflix in March 2022.

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