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Megan Fox Gets Engaged To Boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly

In Megan's video, it can be seen that boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly is proposing to her at a very beautiful place. There is a banyan tree in the background of both. Megan says yes to the proposal and both sit and kiss each other. In the caption, Megan Fox has told that under this banyan tree, she and Machine Gun kelly fell in love with each other in July 2020

Megan Fox shared a video on social media

In which Machine Gun Kelly is seen proposing to him in a romantic style. Machine Gun Kelly is seen sitting on his knees under a banyan tree and proposing to Megan. While sharing the video, Megan has shared a long post, which is now going viral.

Machine gun ring designed by kelly himself

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly has shared a video of Megan's engagement ring. In this video, Megan Fox is wearing a beautiful ring of stones on two sides. He wrote about the ring yes, in this life and in every life. I took him again under the tree under which we had fallen in lone and asked him to marry him.

Megan Fox is the mother of three children

Megan and Machine Gun Kelly are getting a lot of congratulation from Hollywood celebs and fans. This is Megan Fox's second marriage. 35- year old Megan was earlier married to actor Brian was earlier Green. This marriage took place in 2010. Megan and Brian's divorce was finalized in October 2021. Both have three sons. Megan fox is best known for her work in the Transformers film franchise and the film Jennifer Body.

Gun Kelly wrote about the ring

Yes in this life and in every life, under the tree under which we had fallen in love, I took her again and asked her to marry him. I know the tradition is of a ring. But I designed two rings with Stephen Webster. An emerald is his birthstone and a diamond is my birthstone. Both are engaged in two magnetic bands which are in the shape of thorns and are coming towards each other. These two souls make one heart, that is our love.

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