Leading sources told News18 on Thursday that the Pakistani army may have created fissures. After the

Updated: Jul 19

The CCC is typically held once a month, which has led to speculation about the situation. Although this is typically an annual event, two Formation Commanders' Conferences have been held since April 2022.

The CCC is the only place where thorough briefings on significant national and international developments, domestic and foreign security circumstances, and developments in border and Line of Control administration occur regularly.

Top military leaders in Pakistan are reported as "not on the same page," according to some sources, and there is disagreement among them over the recent regime change as well as the nation's current political and economic circumstances.

More than 60% to 70% of major generals, it has been reported, are looking for new jobs, promotions, postings, and transfers.

The Promotion Board is scheduled to convene in April 2022, but General Bajwa has delayed the process because of the nation's political unrest and recent upheaval in the country's executive branch, they claimed.

Additionally, sources claim that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and former Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari have extended General Bajwa's term of service by another year.

To gain support for the existing allied administration until the next general elections in August 2023 is the motivation behind this.

The extension of General Bajwa's contract expires in November of this year.

The current administration faces a significant problem with the selection and unveiling of the new army chief. It just has a two-vote advantage over the opposition and does not hold a complete majority in the chamber.

Additionally, according to reports, President Arif Alvi may request that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif petition the National Assembly for a vote of confidence shortly.

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