Kuldeep Kaushik: One has to work a little bit hard to find direction!

Updated: Aug 1

Kuldeep Kaushik, an actor, writer, and producer who is now a director, thinks that to direct a film production, one must work hard for a while.

I've worked on numerous films with Anurag (Basu) dada, and he also required me to work in various departments for the TV series Love Story and the film Life in a Metro. According to Dada, a director must be knowledgeable in all areas, including budgeting, acting, sound engineering, writing, production, and direction. The UPite visits Lucknow and says, "Now that I've directed my first Hindi feature film, I realise why focusing on every vertical is of the utmost significance.

After dabbling in several industries, Kaushik departed for Mumbai in 2004. "Because I had no plan for the future, I played cricket, boxed, and worked as a sales executive. Then I understood that I wanted to direct movies. So, here is my first assignment as a director after working in several departments for approximately 18 years. I can definitely see why someone in Hollywood would decide to pursue directing in their 40s or 50s after gaining expertise in other areas, the man says.

Kaushik began with the TV show Remix before moving on to theatre and working in the production and direction divisions. His debut as a writer-director was followed by his first solo directorial effort, the 2018 Punjabi film Vadda Kalakaar. His most recent production was entirely filmed in Uttar Pradesh, and a sizable portion of the crew was from the state.

Speaking of his ties to the state of Uttar Pradesh, Kaushik states, "I was born in Meerut at my nanihaal (maternal home), where I eventually finished my basic studies, but my formal education ultimately took place in Delhi. While my father is from Bulandshahr, my younger brother and sister were also born there. So it was a deliberate choice to film in Mathura and Vrindavan for my movie Naar Ka Sur.

Regarding his movie, he continues, "Our director of photography Vikas Babu, casting director Vivek Yadav, and actor Kiran Lata Bharti who portrays coach (national level basketball player) are all from Lucknow. Additionally, the 12 female performers come from a variety of locations, including UP, as it is a pan-Indian story based on true events. Lalit Parimoo was the only well-known actor cast, but this was on purpose because the tale is what really makes the movie.

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