Kareena Kapoor displays Taimur's diploma and describes herself as a "proud mommy."

Taimur Ali Khan loves his Spanish lesson, and his mother Kareena Kapoor has posted a video about how proud she is of him for his accomplishments.

After a lengthy family holiday in the UK, Kareena Kapoor has returned to Mumbai. The actor talked about her older son Taimur Ali Khan learning Spanish and making her proud in a video she posted on Tuesday. She also displayed his diploma, which stated that he had passed Spanish class at level 8. Also read: Fan hails Taimur Ali Khan the "most confident celebrity kid" as Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan return to Mumbai following their trip to Europe.

"Today I am a proud mom," Kareena captioned the video she posted as part of a brand endorsement on her Instagram Stories. Spanish has been taught to my son, who adores it. She continues by displaying his certificate, which has his name.

Along with their two sons Taimur and Jehangir, Kareena and her husband Saif Ali Khan spent the summers in the UK. Saif also gave Taimur a tour of his Winchester boarding school. Three days prior, Kareena announced their comeback on Instagram. She posted a photo of herself lounging on a couch and captioned it, "I am heading home... The summer season is over. Get up Rise up. Work begins now. Mumbai I'm prepared for you.

Taimur had previously joined Kareena on the set of her movie, which was based on the book The Deception of Suspect X by Sujoy Ghosh. With the movie, which also stars Jaideep Ahlawat and Vijay Varma, she will make her OTT debut.

Kareena previously spoke with Vogue about five-year-old Taimur and his loves and dislikes Tim enjoys people this year. He wants to participate if there are people at home. She also compared him to Saif, saying that he shares his love of AC/DC and Steely Dan and aspires to be a rock star.

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