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Kapil Sharma Had Done Drunk Late At Night, Had To Pay So Many Lakhs For The Tweet

Kapil Sharma revealed that his late-night drunk tweet cost him Rs 9 lakh.

Kapil Sharma had to tweet drunk

Comedian and TV host Kapil Sharma announced a Netflix special on Wednesday with a video on his social media handle. He will be seen in a never-seen avatar in the special show Kapil Sharma: I' M Not Done Yet' to premiere on January 28. In this video, Kapil has narrated a funny anecdote.

Kapil says

I went to the Maldives very quickly...I stayed there for 8-9 days...as I reached the Maldives I sad give me a room where there is no internet...they asked- you came after getting married, I said - I have come to be tweeting. Theis first line of Kapil tells the whole story. Further, Kapil threw more funny punch lines. It is said- everyday l stayed there, nine lakhs were spent. I did not spend so much in writing my whole life education, as much as I got it spent by writing tht one line. Really I want to make a case on Twitter.

What will happen in the show

In the Netflix special, Kapil Sharma. I M Not Done Still, the comedian-host talks about his struggles in a funny and relatable way while cracking jokes in his signature style.

9 lakhs spent

Kapil further said, 9 lakh rupees were spent on my stay. I didn't even spend that much money on my studies. Further, he said, That one tweet cost me a lot. Kapil further said I want to sue Twitter. He said the microblogging site should have warned his followers that it was a " drunken tweet" and should be " ignored" Kapil took responsibility for some of the tweets made by him, concluded by mentioning that the tweets were responsible. Although then he named some liquor brands but said the tweets belonged to him.

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