Israel wants to provide the energy Europe lacks.

Updated: Jul 16

The nation will start exploring for gas after abandoning a one-year drilling moratorium.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Israel will start the process of initiating a fourth natural gas exploration in its territorial waters. Energy Minister Karin Elharrar announced on Monday. The move, according to reports, was made in reaction to Europe's rising energy dilemma as it works to reduce its reliance on Russia.

The choice was made despite earlier intentions to stop all-natural gas exploration in Israel during 2022 and instead concentrate on renewable energy sources. Elharrar revealed these ideas in December.

According to the Post, the minister stated at a press conference that "the State of Israel is pitching in and helping Europe diversify its energy sources." The opportunity to export natural gas to Europe presented by the current global energy crisis goes hand in hand with Israel's sincere and genuine concern for the situation in Europe.

The ministry's objectives, according to Elharrar, are to "guarantee Israel's energy security, the diversity of our energy sources, investment in renewable energies, and the Israeli economy's gas reserves for the future decades."

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