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IPL Auction Health Deteriorated Fell From The Stage Auction Had to be Stopped Midway

IPL Mega Auction 2022 Updates:- Today is the first day of the mega auction of the Indian Premier League ( IPL) 2022. Today 161 players are bidding at hotel ITC Gardenia in Bangalore. The special thing is that 5 players from Chhattisgarh are also included in the IPL auction.

The major accident happened during the auction

, A major accident happened during the mega auction (IPL 2022 Mega Auction) on Saturday before the next season of the Indian Premier League and auctioneer Hugh Edmeades suddenly collapsed while speaking. Immediately after this, a medical emergency was declared and the auction was stopped. Lunch was declared after the accident. It is currently updated that Hughes' condition is stable and he will be available in the next set auction.

Auctioneer Hughes Stable

A BCCI official said, "The condition of our auctioneer Hughes is stable and he will definitely be available during the next set in the auction." It is believed that his blood pressure became low, due to which he suddenly fainted. Have become. An official update on his status will be given soon.

The accident happened during the mega auction

when this accident happened during the Mega Auction in Bengaluru, then Sri Lanka's Vanidu Hasaranga was being bid. Its live telecast was going on that suddenly Hughes fell while announcing the bid. Everyone was stunned on seeing them. However, due to a medical emergency, he was immediately taken for treatment.

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