In the opening day of the third All India Kiteboarding Championships, Jehan Driver and Katya Saini t

Updated: Jul 19

The men's and women's divisions of the third All-India Kite Boarding Championships at Veppalodai Beach, Tuticorin, saw Jehan Driver and Katya Saini take the lead at the end of Day 1.

Arjun Motha of Aqua Outback, the defending champion, finished second with a score of 11.0, and Dylan Fernandes of Aqua Outback took third place with a score of 14.0 after Day One's events. Jehan Driver, presenting Quest Adventure, finished the day with a score of 9.0, defeating the tough competition.

It's likely to be a close race because of the stiff competition here. To win the championship, I will strive to hold onto my advantage over the next two days, stated Jehan Driver.

In the women's division, Katya Saini put on a steady effort throughout three rounds, taking first place with a score of 4.0, ahead of Keona Ranjini and Avishma Matta, who earned scores of 6.0 and 12.0, respectively.

I'll concentrate on performing consistently over the next two days because the kiteboarding conditions are favorable," stated Katya Saini.

Dylan Fernandes, who finished third among the men despite being more consistent than the other two, was hit with an 11-point penalty in round 2 for not sailing the course designed for the competition, which caused him to drop to third. Closely following the top three are Phillipe Dartnell, Jothi Basu, and Sunil Rajani, who are ranked fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively.

Inaugurating the third edition of the All-India Kite Boarding Championships earlier in the day were Captain Jitendra Dixit, Honorary Joint Secretary-General of the Yachting Association of India, Ajit Diaz, Founder Member, Tamil Nadu Sailing Association, D. Inbamani, General Manager, Tamil Nadu Mercantile Bank, Dr. G. Sugumar, Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Jayalalitha Fisheries University, and P.R. Ashok Kumar, D

The All-India Kiteboarding Championship is organized by the Premier Kiteboarding Association and the Yachting Association of India. AICCI Young Minds is the title partner, and Tamil Nadu Mercantile Bank is the industry development partner. The event, which is being held at Aqua Outback in Tuticorin, is organized by the Tamil Nadu Sailing Association and Chennai Sailing Academy.

The three-day competition will feature all of the best kiteboarders in the country, and at the end of each race day, the national champions will be named.

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