In the first half of 2022, these two Adani stocks doubled investors' money; do you own any?

Adani Stocks: So far in 2022, pressure on the world economy has been suffocating. Global investor panic has been brought on by rising inflation and geopolitical tensions. Additionally, the Indian stock market has been impacted. When compared to the stock markets of other developing nations, the Indian stock market still appears to be robust. Investors who appear to be ignoring the low levels of analyst coverage and exorbitant valuations have received multi-bagger returns on their investments in Adani Group stocks during such periods.

Adani Power

One of the multi-bagger stocks in the Indian stock market in 2022 is Adani Power shares. Adani Power's share price on the NSE has increased by almost 165 percent year to date, from about Rs 101 to Rs 270 per share. But this multi-bagger Adani stock has a track record of giving its investors a stunning return. After June 2022, this multi-bagger stock has been in a phase of consolidation. Adani Power's share price dropped from about Rs 340 to Rs 270 per piece in the previous month, registering a 20% decrease during that time. Year to date, This Adani group stock has increased by about 165%, while this multi-bagger Adani stock has increased from Rs 100 to Rs 270 during the past six months, giving its stockholders a return of almost 170%. Similar to how an investor's Rs 1 lakh investment in the multi-bagger Adani stock one year ago would have grown to Rs 2.35 lakh today. Similar to this, if a shareholder had made a Rs 1 lakh investment in this stock four years ago, that amount would now be worth Rs 17 lakh.

Adani Wilmar

The newest multi-bagger from the Adani group is the edible oil company Adani Wilmar, which is the owner of the oil brand Fortune. This year's listing date was February 8. The stock has thus far generated a respectable profit of 158 percent when compared to the issue price of Rs 230.

The business announced an IPO in February 2022. The current price is roughly Rs 560. In other words, investors have received a return on their investment (ROI) from the Adani Wilmar IPO of more than 142%. This Rs 230 share has also risen to a value of Rs 878. The large-cap company, however, has dropped 37% from its record high to date as a result of profit-booking, the earnings effect of the fourth quarter, and Indonesia easing its restriction on the export of palm oil.

The Adani Wilmar stock was given coverage by ICICI Securities in mid-May with a "Hold" rating and a SoTP-based target price of Rs 550. The brokerage anticipates a 10% volume growth CAGR for the edible oil business for the period of FY22 to FY24E. (including the impact of the Bangladesh acquisition).

"In FY23E, we anticipate volume growth of 11% with some benefit from Bangladesh's full-year consolidation; activities there are mostly in the edible oil industry, as we have noted. We anticipate a 9.0% volume increase in the edible oil business for FY24E, the statement stated.

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