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India West Indies Will have a Strong Impact On Pakistan Super League

The Pakistan Super League is being organized in the UAE. And, India has to play the series from West Indies at home. Now you must be thinking that then what is the connection between these two? after all, due to the series played between India and West Indias, the color of Pakistan super league can be dissolved. So it can't happen but it will happen. and the biggest brunt of this may have to be suffered by the team Multan Sultans currently riding on the chariot of victory in PSL 2022.

Great Performance of Multan Sultans

The team of Multan Sultans is currently at the top of the points table in the Pakistan Super League. This team has played 2 matches so far and has won 4 points in both. This is the only team in the opening journey of PSL2022. One who has not tasted defeat. But, the tournament is long and it cannot be said that their winning streak will remain the same even further and that is because the India- West Indies series is starting.

Multan Sultans Will Suffer

Now, what is the whole matter, just know that. Actually, 3 players from the West Indies included in the Multan Sultan team of PSL 2022 have been selected for the series against India. It was expected that he would join Multan Sultans after the home T20 series against England. But, the West Indies selectors have also selected him for the T20 series against India. Now in such a situation, it is difficult for him to play for Multan Sultans in Pakistan Super League.

3 players were selected for the T20 series against India

The three West Indies players who have played for Multan Sultans, who have got a place in the T20 team against India, are Rovman Powell, Odeon Smith, and Dominic Drakes. The performance of these three players was also good in the home T20 series against England. The absence of these three has dealt a big blow to the strategy ahead of Multan's Sultans in PSL 2022, you can understand from their performance against England.

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