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In IPL 2022 Auction this Indian Player Alone Took Away 12.25 Crores

IPL 2022 Auction Live Mega auction of IPL 2022 is going on. First, 10 marquee players were bid. Former Delhi Capitals captain Shreyas Iyer got a big bid. A total of 600 layers are participating in the auction.

Meet Shreyas Iyer

Shreyas who has played for Delhi till now will be seen playing with Shahrukh Khan's Kolkata knight Riders in IPL 2022. Shreyas has been bought by Kolkata for Rs. 12.25 crore.

The auction of IPL 2022 has started. This time a total of 600 players are appearing in the auction. The first bid was on 10 marquee players. Shreyas Iyer was the most expensive of these players. He was bought by KKR for Rs 12.25 crore. His base price was Rs 2 crore. That is, they got Rs 10.25 crore more. He was part of the Delhi Capitals in the last season. He has also been the captain of the team. He got the most money in the current season in IPL history. For the last 4 seasons, he was getting the maximum 7-7 crores.

Will Shreyas Iyer Become the Captain Of KKR?

Shreyas Iyer has joined the line of most expensive players. But another discussion is in full swing. Is Shreyas Iyer going to be the captain of Kolkata? Everyone has seen the head of the captaincy in Kolkata. In IPL 2020, the captain changed in the middle tournament. Dinesh Karthik left the captaincy, Eoin Morgan became the captain. But seeing the performance of Kolkata in the last season, the fans questioned Morgan's captaincy itself. On the other side was Delhi. The captain of the team was Shreyas Iyer. Over the years, Iyer has improved not only his batting but also his captaincy.

Spent Money By Tearing Thatch on Shreyas Iyer

This time Shahrukh Khan's team has spent money by tearing thatch on Shreyas Iyer. Now the captaincy crisis in Kolkata, Shreyas Iyer's Performance as captain, and this time Kolkata Buying him for 12.25 crores. On the basis of all these things, speculations are being made whether Shreyas Iyer is going to become the captain of Kolkata this time.

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