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High Court Accepts Petition Of Kidnap And Sexual Assault Case From Famous Actress

The Kerala High Court has accepted the petition filed by the state government in the assault case with Malayalam actress Bhawna Menon. In the petition, the trial court's order to re-examine three witnesses and summon five new witnesses was challenged.

Prolonged Investigation of Kerala Police Case

Significantly in the year 2017, the incident of sexual harassment in a moving car with Bhavna Menon shook the film world. In this case, the Crime Branch of Kerala Police is still investigating, in which revelations keep happening every day. Recently, after a long investigation, the Crime Bench of the State Police had registered a new case against five people including actor Dileep who was trapped in the case. Dilip and others are accused of trying to threaten the officers who are investigating this case.

The Actress Had Demanded Justice From The Chief Minister

It was only after Balachandra Kumar's disclosure that the victim actress wrote a letter to Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, narrating her ordeal and demanding Justice. In this letter, the actress expressed her grief and sought help from the CM, and wrote that these allegations need to be investigated... I Want Justice. Some people kidnapped him on the way. After this, he was molested and the hand of actor Dileep is said to be behind this whole incident.

The Actress Expressed Pain in The Post

The actress writes, 'This Journey has not been easy. In this Journey, I became a survivor from the victim. For five years till now, my name my identity have all been buried under the burden of that attack. I am not a criminal. I was humiliated many times during this. It took a lot of effort to silence me. When I hear many voices in my support, feel like I am not alone. For I get Justice I will ensure that those guilty are punished and no one else goes through this phase. I will continue this fight.

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