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Here Women Are Forced To Sleep With 20 Men In 1 Day

Trafficking of women and prostituting is that disgusting truth of society. about which everyone is aware, but neither one wants to talk nor does everyone have the courage to raise their voice against it.

A very shocking case has come to light from England

These days, this disgusting truth related to England has been exposed by BBC through one of its documentaries. Which is very shocking. Elena (name changed) revealed about her life and told how she was used as a slave to have a sexual relationship and people used to earn money through It.

The girl openly discussed her life with the BBC.

Elena told that a man first trapped her in the trap of love and became her boyfriend. After this, he brought Elena to a house in the West Midlands of Britain and locked her. Elene told that 2 more women were living with her in this house. She told that every day she was sexually assaulted.

Prostitution takes place on a large scale in England

The trafficking of women in Britain on a very large scale and for this reason people in every street in every locality run the business of prostitution inside the deserted houses. Women are forcibly pushed from different countries to this abominable trade in Britain. According to the BBC documentary. most women trafficking and prostitution are carried out in Romania and from there, women are sent to England.

So many women were sexually assaulted from April 2018 to December 2020

prostitution is not a legal crime in England, because of this the police need the statement of women to arrest the traders, but they do not give statements due to fear and helplessness, due to December 2020,6000 Women were brought to England for this heinous act.

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