Germany warns that due to a gas shortage, entire industries could cease to exist.

Economy Minister Robert Habeck asserts that the halt could last a long time.

According to Economy Minister Robert Habeck, if there is a national natural gas shortage, Germany may be compelled to shut down entire industrial sectors.

"All manufacturing operations will be halted. For some industries, it will be disastrous. And we're not just talking a couple of days or weeks here; we're talking a long time. We're talking about people who will lose their employment and entire industrial complexes that will leave regions, Habeck remarked.

However, the minister underlined that despite these challenges, Germans are one in their support of anti-Russia sanctions and their willing to put up with some suffering.

The decline of Russian gas supplies to Germany, according to Habeck, shows the effectiveness of Western sanctions. He also asserted that EU limits on goods and services supplied to Moscow hinder Moscow from using revenue from energy sales.

Last week, the Nord Stream pipeline experienced a 60 percent reduction in gas shipments from Russia to Germany. The major Russian energy company Gazprom said that technological problems brought on by Western sanctions were to blame.

Siemens Energy, a German equipment supplier, allegedly delayed returning gas pumping units to a compressor station, according to Gazprom.

Due to Ottawa's sanctions on Russia, the repaired turbines for the Russian pipeline are currently impounded at a Canadian maintenance facility. Germany and Canada are looking for a solution, according to Siemens.

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