Germany accuses Russia of the gas turbine standoff.

Berlin and Moscow have traded jabs over the delay.

On Wednesday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz attributed the slowdown in gas flow and delays in the repatriation of a crucial piece of pipeline equipment to Russia.

He was looking at the turbine that led to a dispute over energy between Moscow and the EU.

International sanctions prevented the Siemens-made equipment from being repatriated to Russia after being serviced there, so it has been stuck in Germany ever since.

After stating that "the turbine works," Scholz attributed the slowdown in the flow of Russian gas to Germany and the ensuing delays in its return to Moscow.

During a visit to Siemens Energy in Muelheim a der Ruhr, the chancellor stated that "[the turbine] may be transported and operated at any time." He continued, "There are absolutely no technical justifications for the non-fulfillment of the gas supply contracts.

Germany has accused Moscow of purposefully obstructing the return procedure and reducing the gas supply by using the turbine as an excuse. Chancellor Scholz claimed that the turbine has "all the licenses" required for the export from Germany to Russia and that it was now up to Gazprom to supply the customs data essential for the shipping.

However, Gazprom stated on Wednesday that because of Western sanctions, it is hard to properly return the pipeline equipment.

Last month, it was rumored that the turbine would soon be shipped to Russia. However, as of Thursday, it was still in Germany.

Due to a technical issue, another Siemens turbine at a compressor station was shut down last month, resulting in a 20 percent reduction in gas flow via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline.

Siemens, the company that makes the turbines, acknowledged on Wednesday that just one of the six of its Nord Stream 1 turbines is currently functioning and that five are required to operate at full capacity.

Moscow has asserted time and time again that because of the sanctions, it is almost impossible to increase shipments to the EU and that the equipment cannot be properly maintained.

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