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Foreign Person Did Such A Dance On Kacha Badam

Thousands of videos are going viral on social media these days, among them such a video of kylie paul is going viral after seeing which you will be surprised.

foreign dance

The relationship between music and dance has always been not with the mind but with the heart. It is beyond language, caste, religion race country, and time. This is the reason why even an ordinary Indian who does not know English can enjoy the songs and music of Hollywood singer and dancer Britney Spears and Rihanna. Takes. these days a Tanzanian brother and sister are becoming famous and viral on Instagram because they both hum Hindi songs and dance on these songs.

Do not know Hindi yet make videos on Hindi songs

Kylie paul danced fiercest on West Bengal's popular song Kacha Badam. people are very much liking this video. these siblings named kylie paul and Neema paul are gaining on Instagram. Their account has also been verified. His videos are being well-liked in India. While living in Tanzania he has won the hearts of the people of India. The special thing is that he does not know the Hindi language, but despite this, he does a great job of humming Hindi songs on background music and songs.

Has more than 10 lakh followers

Not only these brothers and sisters are seen repeating the same steps of Bollywood dance as well. Brother and sister are seen together in many videos, while both of them make and share videos separately. He has described himself as a dancer and content creator in his profile. Kylie Paul alone has more than one million followers on Instagram and has also posted more than three hundred videos.

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