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Five Bubbly Sisters A Brother And Mother Meet Urfi Javed Cute Family

Urfi Javed has become a social media sensation after appearing in Bigg Boss OTT. Urfi Javed is known for his amazing dressing sense and awkward outfits. In such a situation, many times the fans also demanded to meet Urfi Javed's family. Now Urfi has introduced his family to the fans.

Urfi Javed Family Photos

Urfi Javed has shared pictures of his family on Instagram Story. In these pictures, he has told how many sisters he has and who are his parents. Let us show you the family of Urfi Javed. This is Urfi Javed's elder sister Urusa Javed. Urfi Javed's number comes before him. Going to Urusa's Instagram profile, it is known that she is by profession. Urusa lives in Mumbai and works in the field of digital marketing.

The Family's Fans Meet Through Pictures

Urfi Javed is also supported a lot by elder sister Urusa Javed. Urusa had asked the fans to support her by sharing many pictures when Urfi went to Bigg Boss OTT. There is a good bonding between both the sister. Also, Urusa is stylish like Urfi. After Urusa and Urfi comes the third sister Dolly Javed. Dolly Javed is a blogger by profession. Along with this, Dolly is also an Insta Influnecer. Dolly also flaunts different looks like elder sister Urfi Javed. His style is different from Urfi's.

Asif Javed Is The Youngest Of Urfi Javed

Dolly shares photos in every looking from cute to bold and traditional. Dolly has many followers on Instagram. Now it is the turn of the youngest sister Asfi. Asfi Javed is the youngest of Urfi Javed. She is number four in the house. Asfi is also a blogger and Insta influencers like Urfi and Dolly. Asfi loves her family very much and often shares their pictures. Talking about Asfi javed's style, her style, is as tremendous as any other Gen Z.

Urfi and Is Sister-Brothers Love Their Mother Very Much

Asfi loves to wear different prints and patterns and crop tops. Also, she looks tremendous in the traditional look. Urfi Javed has told earlier that her life has not been good from the beginning. His father was separated from his mother in his childhood. In such a situation, mother Zakia Sultana has brought up all the five children alone. Their mother very much and have respect for in their hearts.

Introducing Her Sister Karaiya Through Story On Instagram

Urfi Javed has introduced his sister through the story on Instagram. The name of the first sister of Urfi Javed is Urusa Javed. The name of the second sister of Urfi Javed is Asfi Javed. Urfi's sister gives her tough competition in terms of beauty. Urfi's third sister's name is Dolly Javed. Urfi has a total of five siblings. In which Dolly is his third number sister. Urfi Javed's mother Zakia Sultana is also very glamorous. Urfi Javed's style gives competition to many Bollywood actresses.

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