FIFA lifts the ban on Pakistani football

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), which had been suspended by FIFA, the organization that oversees football, for "undue third-party influence," on Thursday.

After a disagreement over a "normalization committee" FIFA formed to make sure its regulations were obeyed, Pakistan was suspended in April 2021.

FIFA has refused to accept Ashfaq Hussain Shah's election as PFF president in 2018.

Hussain Shah momentarily ejected the normalization committee from the PFF headquarters before they suspended Pakistan.

On Wednesday, the FIFA Council Bureau removed that suspension.

According to a statement released by FIFA, "the decision was made after FIFA received confirmation that the PFF's normalization committee had regained complete control of the PFF's facilities and was in a position to manage the PFF's finances."

Any "undue intervention in its affairs" or "activity that could prevent the fulfillment of the mission of the normalization committee" could result in Pakistan's suspension being renewed, it warned.

Fresh elections were one of the committee's "tasks," and the deadline was Thursday. However, FIFA stated that because that was "no longer realistic," the committee's mandate was extended until "30 June 2023 at the latest."

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