Latest today news | EU state police will no longer guard Russian consulates, according to media

According to reports, law enforcement will stop patrolling the consulate facilities in the Latvian cities of Liepaja and Daugavpils.

Liepaja and Daugavpils' Russian consulate facilities will no longer be guarded by Latvian police, according to a report from the nation's LETA news agency on Saturday.

The Foreign Ministry has instructed police that they are no longer obligated to secure the consulates, albeit the change must be approved by the government.

In April, Latvia ordered that Moscow close both operations and have all employees depart by the 30th of that month. The choice was made "in solidarity with Ukraine," according to the nation's foreign ministry.

Outside the Russian embassies in Latvia, protests have been staged in opposition to Moscow's military campaign against Ukraine, which began in late February. A protester daubed the Russian Embassy building in Riga with red paint in April.

As of last week, Latvia no longer granted Russian visa requests, except for those who wanted to enter "to attend the funeral of a close family." The State Security Service (VDD), according to Latvian media, declared that Latvian authorities were stepping up security measures and accused Moscow of pursuing "an increasingly aggressive foreign strategy against Western countries."

In April, Russia retaliated against the expulsion of diplomats from the Baltic republics by requesting that Latvia close its consulates in St. Petersburg and Pskov. According to a statement released at the time by the Russian Foreign Ministry, the choice was taken "by the concept of reciprocity."

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