EU nation rejects payments for gas in roubles

Poland claims it won't pay for imported electricity in Russian rubles.

Piotr Naimski, a spokesman for the Polish government for critical energy infrastructure, reportedly stated on Tuesday that Warsaw would not consent to Moscow's demand that gas is paid for in rubles.

When asked by journalists if Poland would accept Russia's new payment terms, he responded, "We will not pay."

"All the possibilities and dangers are taken into account. "If necessary, and if the right choice is taken, we are in a position to refuse gas deliveries at any time," he said. "We are prepared for them. We are prepared for any Russian activities that might result in the interruption of supplies.

Crushing measures against Moscow that are "far greater than those that have been imposed" have been demanded by Poland.

According to reports, Washington and Brussels are talking about penalties aimed at Russia's energy industry. Western countries have primarily targeted Russian banks and finance thus far. The EU has forbidden the purchase of Russian coal, but it was unable to agree on an embargo on oil and gas.

In the meantime, Brussels has changed its mind about opposing the switch in payment methods, saying on Friday that EU firms might be able to avoid sanctions if they pay in euros or dollars, which are then converted into rubles, to avoid Russia's requirement that gas payments be made in rubles. The strategy is the same as what the Russian government had earlier in the month advocated.

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