EU nation purchases Russian gas despite claims to the contrary

According to a source, an intermediary is providing supplies to Latvia.

The head of Latvijas Gaze informed the news source Delfi that despite refusing to comply with Moscow's demand for payment in rubles, Latvia has continued to purchase Russian natural gas.

"Latvijas Gaze is now purchasing gas, but we do not purchase gas from Gazprom because we are unable to pay Gazprom. The gas company's chairman, Aigars Kalvitis, was quoted as adding, "We have another provider. The name of the middleman providing the corporation with Russian natural gas was withheld by the official.

To reduce its reliance on Moscow for energy in the face of Western sanctions, Latvia, along with the nearby Baltic states of Estonia and Lithuania, refused Russia's demand for natural gas payments in rubles and ceased buying gas from Gazprom in April. The Latvian parliament passed changes to its energy law earlier this month that will restrict imports of Russian natural gas beginning January 1, 2023. The Latvian prime minister committed mid-June not to resume such imports.

90% of Latvia's total gas imports last year came from Russia, the country's primary gas source.

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