Latest world news EU nation alerts inhabitants to ten 'bad winters' in the future

The Belgian prime minister said that difficulties are worth it because the bloc will "jump 20 years forward" by eschewing fossil fuels.

According to Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, Belgium could experience up to ten "tough winters," but by ending its reliance on fossil fuels, it will move "20 years forward." He was making remarks about the impending energy crisis, which has been made worse by sanctions on Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine and a drop in Russian natural gas supply.

Speaking to VRT TV, De Croo asserted that the European economy had been significantly more negatively impacted by the situation in Ukraine than the Covid epidemic "could have." He claimed that despite the difficulties, the stability and security of the European continent make them worthwhile.

De Croo said that if everyone points their noses in the same direction, the country and the European continent can handle this. "When we get it under control, it will be five terrible years, it will be ten difficult years with bad policies," De Croo stated.

He maintained that there is some good in the current circumstance.

In terms of breaking away from fossil fuels and nations that we don't like to trade with, we may also advance by 20 years, the prime minister said.

The Belgian government unveiled a strategy last week to address rising energy costs. It outlined steps to reduce energy use, including lowering the temperature in government facilities to 19 degrees, capping the use of air conditioning at 27 degrees, and directing that lighting in federal assets and monuments be turned off from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. The country "should be able to get through the winter without any serious problems," according to the newspaper, and might even be able to assist its neighbors.

According to the Statbel statistics office, inflation in Belgium spiked to 9.94% in August, falling just short of the record 9.96% set in 1976.

Meanwhile, a report by the consulting firm Verisk Maplecroft found that the risk of civil upheaval is increasing particularly swiftly across the continent of Europe, mostly as a result of the crisis in Ukraine's aftermath.

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