Ethical brands Five Independent Sustainable Brands Attempting to Protect the Environment Ethically

Sustainability is a way of life, and we should all be committing to the objective of lowering our carbon footprints and staying within what have been frequently referred to as our "planetary boundaries" with each passing day. We may be proud that many independent brands in our area have made a commitment to being "sustainable" and "vegan". The problem, though, is that it's not always obvious whether a brand is legitimate or just another one that deceives its customers.

You are not the only customer who has fallen for commercials that are nothing more than greenwashing ploys. As a result, it is crucial at this time to educate oneself and support businesses that are doing their part to protect the environment and move society toward a more sustainable and promising future.

While much has been written about sustainable fashion firms, little has been said about companies that are working to promote conscious living by developing sustainable goods. These products can range from commonplace items like bags to hair conditioners to even rugs.

NW18 made an effort to get in touch with five of these independent firms that concentrate on eco-friendly products that are both innovative in nature and usable on a daily basis. These products can help people achieve their goal of living a sustainable lifestyle.

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