English triathlete Alex Yee wins the first gold medal of the Commonwealth Games at CWG 2022.

In the triathlon, Alex Yee of England defeated Hayden Wilde and Matthew Hauser to win Birmingham 2022's first gold medal.

Alex Yee of England won the men's triathlon in Birmingham on Friday, earning his country's first gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Following the bike segment, the Olympic silver medalist overcame a 16-second deficit to pass longtime leader Hayden Wilde.

Wilde of New Zealand momentarily took back the lead, but as he faced a 10-second penalty, he clapped Yee on the shoulder and waved him on to win the race on his own.

Even though Wilde served his penalty for failing to properly stow his riding helmet during the transition, the bronze medalist from the previous year's Olympics still won.

In a competition in which 2018 champion Henri Schoeman withdrew before the competition even began, Australia's Matthew Hauser took home the bronze.

Later on Friday, the women's race will feature Flora Duffy, an Olympic champion from Bermuda.

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