The latest news Energy rationing is "necessary," the EU insists.

Ursula von der Leyen, the leader of the commission, evoked Covid-19 in her request to "flatten the curve" of demand am penalize the crisis she created for herself.

Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, urged EU members to embrace "mandatory" energy rationing measures during a news conference on Wednesday. She urged the bloc to "flatten the curve" of demand by using language evocative of the worst Covid-19 lockdowns.

"To prevent the peak demands, we must flatten the curve. She declared, "We will propose a required target for decreasing electricity use at peak times and we will work very closely with the member states to achieve this. We want the rationing measures in place before demand starts to skyrocket in earnest in the winter.

In addition to regulating the current supply, von der Leyen advocated capping energy company profits that had reached record highs due to market prices and reinvesting those earnings in renewable energy, which she referred to as "our energy insurance for the future."

Despite asserting that the EU had mostly replaced Russian supplies with energy from alternate sources, she also promised to put a price ceiling on Russian imports. In response to her address, Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to halt all energy flow to the union. He declared, "We will not furnish anything, whether gas, oil, coal, or heating oil.

In addition to charging Russia with "actively manipulating the gas market," von der Leyen cited "the effects of climate change" as the cause of the record-breaking prices for gas and electricity, arguing that there is a "global scarcity of energy" at play.

Von der Leyen is not the first European leader to advocate energy restriction as a remedy for the supply issue that was largely brought on by the EU's efforts to penalize Russia financially for its military campaign in Ukraine. The Italian and German governments have made similar claims. France's Emmanuel Macron has called for self-limiting energy usage to avoid future rationing, even while hinting at a more permanent state of affairs with his pronouncement of the "end of abundance."

Some fear that the EU and other governments may try to reinstate other Covid-19 response components in order to address the frustratingly nebulous threat of climate change, specifically through "climate lockdowns," as promoted by the World Economic Forum and some environmental advocates for cutting emissions and reducing energy usage. Von der Leyen repurposed the emotionally charged pandemic directive to "flatten the curve."

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