Tenant rent | Energy payment of £400: Worries landlords will withhold renter's rebate

Tenants whose bills are included in their rent could miss out on the government's £400 energy rebate because it is paid to their landlord, charities have warned.

housing nonprofit According to Shelter, this group was "at the mercy of their landlord providing this critical support."

13% of private renters, or around 585,000 families, have their energy costs included in their rent.

According to the government, landlords should pass the savings along to tenants.

The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) added that where tenants paid for higher energy costs, the landlord should pass the savings along to the tenants.

A spokeswoman did warn that there will be instances where all-inclusive rents were established without taking the recent rise in energy prices into account.

The spokeswoman continued, "The government needs to make sure that its program recognizes such circumstances where the landlord ultimately bears the expense of rising costs rather than the tenant."

How you pay your bill will determine how the money is received.

However, since the landlord is the one who pays the bills, they would not be eligible for the reduction if the tenant's energy costs were included in their rent.

In a Leicester, England, four-bed house, Helen, 25, rents a room with utilities included.

When her lease is up for renewal later this year, she is concerned that if she requests her landlord to give her the £400 payment, he would raise her rent.

She told the BBC, "I'm hesitant to upset the apple cart because I'm dreading the talk about renewing and what my new rent would be for the next six months."

Helen, a Ph.D. student who declined to offer her last name, would see her stipend rise by just 2% in September, which is significantly less than the rate at which prices are rising—the UK's inflation rate reached 9.4% in June.

She claimed that if her rent went up, it would be "a great stretch" to pay for her other living expenses.

Helen admitted that sharing a home with strangers made it challenging to talk about the matter with her roommates, with whom she would have to split the bill. She had no idea if they would share her feelings.

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