Energy media | Switzerland will reduce its winter energy use, according to media

According to Swissinfo, the government wants to be ready in case Russian gas supplies are interrupted.

The Federal Council of Switzerland declared on Wednesday that it aims to reduce natural gas usage in the nation by 15% from October 2022 to the end of March 2023 when compared to the average over the previous five years.

In doing so, the government is reportedly following the European Union, which established the same goal a month ago to make ready for potential delays in Russian gas supplies.

According to reports, thermostat adjustments have been requested by Swiss households, businesses, the services sector, and government agencies. According to the government, reducing heating by one degree might save 5% to 6% of energy even though it accounts for three-quarters of the gas used in the winter.

Additionally, it has promoted voluntarily moving to dual-fuel

According to the paper, the council also recommended unplugging useless electronics and appliances, making optimal use of workplace space, and working remotely.

According to media sources, Switzerland created an emergency plan last month if natural gas and power supplies are insufficient and there is an energy crisis. The proposal calls for several actions, from a public awareness campaign encouraging energy conservation measures like turning off heaters and shop window lights to limiting electricity for around 30,000 major energy users.

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