Royal mail news | Employees of Royal Mail decide to strike over salary.

More than 115,000 Royal Mail workers have voted to go on strike in a dispute over pay.

After ballots were distributed three weeks ago, members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) supported the move on Tuesday.

The CWU stated that if a walkout occurs, it might be the largest action its members have ever done. No strike dates have yet been set.

The vote left Royal Mail feeling "disappointed," it claimed.

We have contingency measures to minimize customer inconvenience in the event of industrial action, and we'll seek to maintain connectivity for everyone in the country, according to a statement.

The CWU is the most recent union to vote in favor of a strike in recent weeks as living expenses increase.

While prices for items in the UK are growing at the quickest rate in forty years, workers on the trains and at airports are also engaged in salary conflicts with employers.

Postal workers "will not budge," according to the union, unless they get a "dignified, proper salary hike."

Responding to a tweet in which Royal Mail said it was "disappointed" at the vote, the CWU tweeted "dry your eyes mate".

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A 77% turnout resulted in 97.6% of members voting in favor of striking.

To gain a "straight, no-strings wage raise for workers," the union has urged that the Royal Mail company enter discussions.

There will now be a "limited window" for negotiations to prevent walkouts before strike dates are declared, according to CWU general secretary Dave Ward.

But he said that because the vote "also amounted to a vote of no confidence," Royal Mail's CEO and board "should seriously contemplate their careers."

Workers "are set to endure a substantial real-terms salary drop" while "bosses rake in £758m in profit and shareholders pocket £400m," he continued.

"Postal workers won't accept having their living standards lowered by managers who are overpaid, underqualified, and incompetent—characteristics of today's business executives."

The largest boost Royal Mail has provided in many years, up to 5.5% for CWU grade colleagues, was rejected by the CWU, according to Royal Mail.

The statement continued, "Despite nearly three months of discussions, the CWU has not engaged in any substantive conversation on the changes we need to make to adapt.

It is believed that Royal Mail announced that members would get a non-conditional 2% pay increase retroactive to April 1 after negotiations between the CWU and the firm came to an end.

The union has been informed that a 3.5% increase, for a total of 5.5%, is available, subject to further discussions and agreements.

The union wanted to negotiate with Royal Mail, but Terry Pullinger, the deputy general secretary of the CWU, claimed that this was "rejected," leaving representatives with "no choice but to oppose their despicable imposition."

The rate of price growth, or inflation, reached 9.1% in May and is anticipated to increase later this year.

Although salary increases have been demanded, some worries raising wages to keep up with the existing cost of living could cause inflation to increase further.

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