Elon Musk discusses the prospects for oil and gas

According to the billionaire, "civilization will implode" without fossil fuels.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, switching to renewable energy sources is one of the most challenging undertakings the world has to face and might take decades. He emphasized that to preserve civilization, oil and gas extraction must continue, along with the development of alternative energy sources.

During an energy conference in Norway, Musk said, "Realistically, I think we need to use oil and gas in the short-term because else civilization will crumble." He added that he is not one to "demonize" fossil fuels. At the same time, "we need a clear roadmap to a future powered by sustainable energy."

Musk responded when asked whether Norway should keep drilling for oil and gas, "I think some extra exploration is warranted at this moment."

The shift to sustainable energy and a sustainable economy, which will take several decades to accomplish, is one of the greatest challenges the world has ever faced, he continued.

The industrialist added that stationary battery packs and offshore wind power generation in the North Sea may merge to form a significant energy source. In the winter, it might offer a reliable, sustainable energy source, according to Musk.

The billionaire demanded in March that Europe increase oil and gas production in addition to going back to nuclear power to counteract Russia's influence. It would probably take years for Europe to restore its nuclear power plants, which have been systematically shut down across the continent in favor of green energy promises, despite Musk's calls.

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