Eight of the Top 10 Companies Increase M-Cap by Rs 98,235 Crore; Infosys and TCS Lead Gainers

From the top-10 pack, HDFC twins were the only laggards; the market valuation of Infosys jumped Rs 28,170.02 crore to reach Rs 6,80,182.93 crore

Eight of the top ten companies collectively saw their market worth increase by Rs 98,234.82 crore last week, with IT giants Infosys and TCS emerging as the largest gainers amid an uptick in stock prices. The benchmark Sensex on the BSE rose 817.68 points or 1.42 percent last week.

The only losers out of the top ten were the HDFC twins. Infosys' market value increased by Rs 28,170.02 crore, or to Rs 6,80,182.93 crore. The valuation of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) increased by Rs 23,582.58 crore to Rs 12,31,362.26 crore.

Reliance Industries Limited's market value increased by Rs 17,048.21 crore to Rs 17,14,256.39 crore, and ICICI Bank's value increased by Rs 13,861.32 crore to Rs 5,83,261.75 crore. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) saw a gain in market capitalization (m-cap) of Rs 6,008.75 crore to Rs 4,34,748.72 crore, and Bajaj Finance saw an increase in m-cap of Rs 5,709.2 crore to Rs 4,42,157.08 crore.

The value of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) increased by Rs 1,668.21 crore to Rs 6,21,220.18 crore, while that of State Bank of India increased by Rs 2,186.53 crore to Rs 4,73,584.52 crore. The market capitalization of HDFC, on the other hand, decreased by Rs 4,599.68 crore to Rs 4

,27,079.97 crore.

The value of HDFC Bank decreased by Rs 4,390.73 crore to Rs 7,92,860.45 crore. Reliance Industries maintained its position as the most valuable domestic company in the top-10 list of companies, followed by TCS, HDFC Bank, Infosys, HUL, ICICI Bank, SBI, Bajaj Finance, LIC, and HDFC.

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