Egypt: Numerous ancient statues and sarcophagi have been discovered.

A collection of hundreds of bronze statuettes and coffins from the ancient Egyptians are now on display in Egypt. The archaeological site of Saqqara, south of Cairo, is where the finds were made.

On Monday, hundreds of ancient items from Egypt's Saqqara archaeological site, which is south of Cairo, were unveiled. 250 coffins from ancient Egypt and 150 2,500-year-old copper statuettes were among the artifacts on show.

Saqqara necropolis reveals its secrets

The finds were made in Saqqara, which served as a necropolis—an ancient cemetery—for the ancient Egyptian city, Memphis. According to a post on Instagram by Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the discovery was "the first and largest cache of 150 bronze statues, dating back to the Late Period."

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