Education news | Virginia wants to remove protections for transgender youth in schools.

The state department of education provides guidelines that limit pronoun changes and reinstate restroom and locker room rules.

According to the most recent set of rules released by the state's education officials, Virginia is attempting to reverse significant protections for school pupils who identify as transgender.

The state's department of education said on Friday that it had revised several guidelines regarding how transgender pupils should be treated, easing off on the previous administration's accommodations.

According to the Associated Press, the policy change under Republican governor Glenn Youngkin would mandate that children use restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their biological sex.

Students will find it more challenging to change the names and pronouns that are used to refer to them under the new policy. Unless a parent gives their permission, students who are minors must henceforth be referred to by the names and pronouns indicated in official records.

A 30-day public comment session will begin later this month on the most recent guidance. According to the New York Times, the state's education department will then review suggestions and submit a final draught that has been approved by the state's superintendent.

The proposed regulations stand in stark contrast to the safeguards adopted by the previous Democratic governor, Ralph Northam. Without providing "any substantiating data," last year's directives instructed schools to refer to kids using names and pronouns that reflected their gender identity.

The earlier guidelines also advised schools to take a student's safety and health into account before disclosing information to parents and permitted children to engage in any programs or facilities that matched their gender identity.

However, due to the lack of a state enforcement mechanism, if school districts would not comply, many school districts did not implement Northam's more LGBTQ+ friendly policies, according to the Virginia Mercury.

The modified standards, according to a spokesman of Youngkin's office, are intended to protect parental rights, but campaigners have slammed the new instructions as being detrimental to transgender pupils.

Anthony Belotti, a 22-year-old queer and trans college student who attended high school in Virginia, claimed to the Washington Post that he had to wait hours to use the bathroom at home because he was forbidden from using the men's restroom while attending Stafford county schools. Belotti currently suffers from persistent kidney and urinary tract infections as a result. several programsseveralprograms

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