Economic growth | Who will pay? : Labour attacks Truss's energy plans

After ruling out windfall taxes, the opposition claims the PM has not specified how she will pay for her price freeze.

In anticipation of this week's energy package and mini-budget, Labour has questioned who will pay for Liz Truss's economic plans while criticizing the Tories' track record on growth as a sign of how they expect to attack the government over the status of the economy.

Pat McFadden, the shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, criticizingemphasizedthe the distinction between Labour's proposals to fund an energy price freeze with a windfall tax on oil and gas companies and the Conservatives' unfunded plans as Truss and her chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, get ready to present their plans.

The "basic question which remains unanswered on this is who pays, and what do you get for it," he claimed, adding that working people "would be left footing the bill for years to come" under the Tory proposals, which will likely be funded by borrowing.

After ten days of the official national observance of the Queen's death, political discourse has resumed with Labour's criticism of the government's unaudited plans. This week, politics will essentially return to normal, with the prime minister having a busy itinerary. Before additional information about her energy package is revealed on Wednesday and the mini-budget is held on Friday, which is anticipated to include the cancellation of the national insurance increase, she has diplomatic meetings in New York.

Truss and Kwarteng are anxious to portray their proposals as an effort to promote growth at all costs. But McFadden questioned the Conservatives' track record of economic expansion and asserted that after 12 years in power, the party has run out of ideas.

The government's "record on economic growth has been a failure," he continued, adding that it was "simply another zigzag in the record of low growth over which they have presided."

Initially, Labour suggested freezing energy prices for the summer and funding it with a windfall tax. Truss followed suit by supporting a freeze on energy prices, but she rejected the notion of a windfall tax and withheld information about how it would be paid for.

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