During the couple's royal trip, Meghan Markle confesses that her kid nearly survived a fire.

The Duchess of Sussex would examine the female experience in a 12-part series titled "Archetypes," which is a play on the name of the couple's oldest child, Archie

Serena Williams, the greatest tennis player ever, was the first guest on Meghan Markle's long-awaited podcast, which she started on Tuesday as the bride of Britain's Prince Harry.

The 12-part series, titled "Archetypes" (a play on the names of the couple's oldest child, Archie), according to the Duchess of Sussex, would focus on the female experience.

Markle declared, "We're going to live inside and tear apart the boxes that women have been put into for years.

In the show, Meghan also discussed a time when she and her son, Archie, were on a tour of South Africa when a fire broke out in her son's bed, forcing the couple to leave their infant to continue their official obligations. At the time, Archie was meant to be taking a nap in the room, but his nanny had taken him out to buy some food. Everyone felt frightened by the situation, according to Meghan.

Ambition is terrible for a woman, Meghan during the episode

Williams and Markle talk about the idea of being "ambitious" and how it differs for men and women. They emphasize their relationship and their shared Los Angeles heritage.

The host refers to Harry, who makes a brief appearance early in the show, saying, "I don't ever remember personally feeling the bad connotation behind the word ambitious until I started dating my now-husband."

And, for women, in particular, ambition is a bad, awful thing.

Williams, 40, recently made it known that she intends to hang up her tennis racquet after this month's US Open, bringing an end to a dazzling career that saw her capture 23 Grand Slam titles.

In 2020, Harry and his wife abruptly ended their lives as British royals. They relocated to California, where they now reside with their two kids in a neighborhood frequented by celebrities.

The pair revealed to Oprah Winfrey last year that their time working at "The Firm" had been terrible and that they had encountered bigotry, including speculation about their unborn child's skin tone from an anonymous royal.

Markle is biracial. The royals have refuted claims of racism.

Many words have been written about how Harry and brother William, who may one day succeed in the British monarchy, has grown distant from one another.

Fans of the Sussexes claimed that prior unfavorable tales about the couple had been published to deflect attention from the obscene charges when the internet was ablaze with conjecture about Prince William's private preferences in July.

The couple has inked hefty contracts for television, publishing, motivational speaking, and Markle's podcast series, which is available on Spotify.

Later this year, Harry is scheduled to release his autobiography, and Buckingham Palace is preparing for more unrest.

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