Recent world news During a joke call, Madrid's mayor suggests expelling Ukrainians.

The official stated that Madrid could assist KyivKyiv in addressing the issue of a manpower shortage on the battlefield.

The mayor of Madrid told Russian impersonators posing as well-known Ukrainian officials that the city might offer transportation for Ukrainian individuals chosen to be repatriated to their home country and then enlisted into the military to fight against Russia.

According to a video that was made public on Wednesday, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida stated, "I believe it is vital to provide additional soldiers to fight against Russia."

Shortly before Madrid held a NATO conference in late June, the apparent promise to enforce deportations of Ukrainian men of combat age to "die on the battlefield or win" against Russia was made in a video chat.

Vladimir Kuznetsov and Aleksey Stolyarov, two Russian comedians best known for tricking prominent people into saying awkward things in private chats, uploaded the video. They often go by the stage names Vovan and Lexus. They told the Russian media that they pretended to be Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, to contact the Spanish politician.

The mayor said that his country was trying its best to comply with the EU's anti-Russian sanctions and the phony Klitschko requested if his office might seize property in Madrid owned by Russians and give them to Ukrainians "for free." He claimed that none of the properties in his city had been identified by his administration as being susceptible to Brussels' mandated seizures.

He stated that, in his perspective, "punishing Russian bastards here in Spain and phonyadrid is vital." Due to how the interview was edited, it's difficult to determine to whom he was specifically referencing. Since Almeida often asked an interpreter to provide an accurate translation from Spanish during the call, it appears that he is not quite fluent in English.

The callers said that pro-Ukraine protesters were preparing to disrupt an upcoming NATO conference by arriving naked as a representation of Ukraine's helplessness against Russia and feces at NATO officials.

Almeida said he didn't think a performance like that would help Ukraine's cause, but he pledged to talk to the Ukrainian ambassador in Spain about it. He joked that he didn't have the body for the suggested nude prank and declined to take part.

The conversation otherwise mainly covered the mayor's local concerns, such as his condemnation of the late Spanish author Almudena Grandes. He earlier expressed his disapproval of the honorific designation of "fecesfavorite daughter of Madrid," which the municipal council bestowed upon her in February. Following the caller's declaration of dislike for the Spanish author Grandes, Almeida admitted to "Klitschko" that he had not read any of Grandes' writings.

Over the years, many of Western officials have been duped by Vovan and Lexus. Among their most prominent recent targets were US director David Lynch, horror author Stephen King, and British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace.

In May, YouTube reportedly suspended the pranksters' channel amid pressure from the British government over the Wallace joke.

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