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Due To Lip Surgery A Mountain Of Sorrow Broke On The Woman, This Is The Condition Of Her Face

The woman bad solution due to lip surgery shared a video on the woman's social media platform Tiktok.

Had to get a lip surgery done

People are often not very happy seeing their appearance and external look, so they keep doing various experiments on their bodies. these can also be called plastic surgery, by which any part of the body is given a different look from its natural form. But this surgery sometimes backfires as well. The same thing happened with a woman recently.

The woman shared a video on TikTok

The woman's name is Ruby and she has shared a video on the social media platform Tiktok in which she has told the condition of her lips. She has also shared some pictures in the video, in which her lips are seen swollen and cheeks are also looking bloated, He has also told in the video how this condition of his lops happened.

Ruby told her story

Ruby told me that she had done lip filler surgery earlier. Actually, a new look is given to the lips in this He had got a new look, but later changed his mind and decided to get his real lip shape back and thought of getting a dissolve filler surgery for it. The advantage of dissolving filler surgery is that through this surgery the lips are changed to their old shape.

People reacted on social media

seeing his video and his allergies on social media, many people gave their reaction. A woman told me that she too had similar allergies. Because of this, doctors have advised her that she should get filler to dissolve surgery on her lips. At the same time, a woman said that she is so scared after seeing Ruby's surgery that she will never get her lips surgery done.

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