Due of racist tattoos, British YouTuber KSI replaces the opponent.

The boxing community was astonished when British YouTube celebrity and fighter KSI revealed he would face two opponents on the same day at his 'Two Fights One Night' event scheduled for August 27.

Nikolov was criticized for his tattoos because they are said to have very bad meanings. In a prompt response to the accusations, KSI said on his YouTube channel that he would be excluding Ivan from his upcoming boxing match.

He supports white supremacy. Ivan is no longer my rival. He has been taken out. For permitting this to occur in the first place, the matchmaker was also sacked, according to KSI on his channel.

The Mexican fighter Luis Alcaraz Pineda was chosen by the British Youtuber as Ivan's replacement, and he added that he was keen on fighting two opponents on the same night.

Yes, Luis Alcaraz Pineda is my new rival, KSI said.

Nikolov initially addressed the accusations of racism by sharing a justification for his tattoos online. The Bulgarian fighter insisted that the phrase "white power" merely referred to his conviction in his strength and power as an athlete and denied having any anti-Semitic intents. Nikolov afterward removed his message and shut off his Instagram account.

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