Don't Look Up: Leonardo DiCaprio Agrees Due To Climate Crisis

According to the actor, the movie "starts to provoke other conversations."

Leonardo DiCaprio claimed he chose to participate in Netflix's star-studded movie about a comet that poses a threat to the existence of life on Earth because it serves as an urgent allegory for the current climate catastrophe. In the dark satire Don't Look Up, Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio play astronomers who warn of impending disaster but find that their cries go unheeded in a country that is bitterly divided and brutally political. DiCaprio claimed that Adam McKay's script handled the "next to impossible" challenge of creating a gripping movie on an issue that "evolves over a century" shortly after visiting the UN COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow.

How do we deal with the impending apocalypse politically, as a species, as a civilization, as a culture, and as a people? On Thursday, Leonardo DiCaprio posed this query to the Los Angeles preview audience.

He claimed to have "cracked the code," so to speak, on how to condense all the madness with which the human race is approaching this crisis into a two-hour program.

Ariana Grande, Cate Blanchett, Mark Rylance, and Jonah Hill also appear in the movie, which premieres in cinemas on December 10 and begins streaming on Netflix on Christmas Eve. McKay has established himself as one of Hollywood's most sought-after directors. His diverse body of work includes the popular comedy Anchorman and Step Brothers as well as the satirical films The Big Short and Vice.

Reviews for Don't Look Up are currently off-limits, but on Thursday, there was an enthusiastic response. Variety's Clayton Davis predicted that the film will have "a seismic impact (pun intended)" on the Oscars race.

With more people talking about the movie, DiCaprio added, "the private sector and the forces that be will be pushed to make a significant change." But he acknowledged that his optimism about humanity's ability to address the climate catastrophe was "not much."

He cautioned, "Especially after returning from Glasgow and seeing these agreements that may be reversed by the next weird administration that might come in and withdraw."

After two weeks of arduous negotiations, over 200 countries agreed on a worldwide agreement to address climate change, but it fell short of what the scientific community believes is required to prevent disastrous temperature increases.

DiCaprio stated that there is "such a limited amount of time" for the earth and "such a big magnitude that needs to happen so rapidly." "We also know what will happen if we don't take action. The result is known."

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