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Doctor Cheated On Women In America Fertility Center Used His Sperm 14 Times

A fertility doctor was making Women pregnant with his sperm without informing them. He had done this 14 times in total. This action of the doctor was revealed during a TV show.

Doctor cheated on women

In today's time for those people who are unable to become parents fertility centers are no less than a boon. She goes there with great hopes and hopes that the lap will no longer be empty and soon the cries of children will resonate in the house. In other words, these fertility centers have come as a ray of hope for such people, but a doctor misused this profession to get pregnant women who came to his clinic on his own came to his clinic through his own sperm. Not only this the doctor did all this without informing any family.

Such was the disclosure of the doctor antics

According to the Daily Star, this entire matter has been disclosed by two sisters Maia Simmons and Tahani Scott. He expressed all these things in a news program. Actually, the father of both these girls, john Emmons, was battling testicular cancer. This meant that John and his wife Cheryl Emmons were not able to have children. In the years 1980 and 1985, he had gone to the accused Dr. paul Western Colorado Clinic in America. Dr. pa transferred his own sperm to Cheryl without informing her.

The doctor used his sperm 14 times in total

In the year 2018, some person had contacted both the girls. He wrote in a message, it seems that we are brothers and sisters. My father is a sperm donor in Western Colorado. I have found 3 more siblings who look like me. On the other hand, both sisters Maia and Tahani have so far traced their 12 such siblings through genetic testing websites. Meaning that the accused Dr. paul had used his sperm 14 times in total.

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