Do we need to reconsider our diets in light of climate change?

The global food system enables us to purchase practically any good at any time, frequently at the expense of the environment. But can we alter our eating patterns?

Asparagus in winter, pears from Argentina, blueberries from Peru, and almonds from California are just a handful of the thousands of items that customers might purchase when they visit a supermarket. Although it was probably unimaginable to our forebears a century ago, we have grown accustomed to the abundance of options available to us when choosing our food. According to Janet Chrzan, a nutritional anthropologist from the University of Pennsylvania, "it is very strange to walk into a Carrefour Marche in France or Wal-Mart here in the United States and see what's on offer." "The food environment in which we live is unlike anything that our species has ever experienced."

Overall, German supermarkets carry more than 10,000 items. According to the American Food Industry Association, the average is above 30,000 in the US. In a handful of seconds, shoppers decide which things to add to their shopping carts. Additionally, their choices have an impact on the ecosystem.

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