Dhanush on filming the action sequences for The Gray Man: "I sprained my neck just one week before t

Dhanush portrays Avik San, an assassin, in The Gray Man. In a recent conversation, the actor revealed that he injured his neck just days before filming for the action drama, which will be available on Netflix on July 22.

Dhanush's first image from The Gray Man, his newest Hollywood production.

Dhanush portrays Avik San, an assassin, in The Gray Man. He speaks very little in the film. In an online press conference with international media on Wednesday in Los Angeles, Dhanush discussed the difficulties the movie presented to him. While filming The Gray Man, he claimed to have experienced being a beginner all over again.

I enjoyed learning how Hollywood operates. I've worked in the Indian film industry for 22 years and have completed roughly 50 films. You don't get the chance to experience being a stranger very often. The initial experience is a blur. You are unaware of what is taking place. I got a chance to consider myself a newcomer this time. It was very incredible. said Dhanush.

Dhanush talked about his experience filming the action scenes and how he strained his neck. It's amusing. I strained my neck about one week before the photo session. I trained for a month and a half, and then, a week before we began filming, I hurt my ankle. I was horrified. Only one week was given to the physio for me to be ready to match Ana's speed. But they managed to make me suitable for the stunt sequence in some way," he claimed.

The Russo Brothers, a director team, recently discussed Dhanush in a Twitter Spaces chat. "We think highly of him. He was a factor when we were creating the persona. Soon, there will be a new movie with his character playing the lead, the actors claimed. The group continued, "He portrays one of the top assassins in the world and has two significant battle scenes in the movie." We enjoyed watching Dhanush perform, and he has a fantastic camera presence.

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