Details of Will Smith He told us even though we didn't want to know.

Not a week goes by that Will Smith isn't making news across the world due to some revelation he made in his book, Will, or while promoting it.

In New Delhi: It seems that Will Smith's memoir, which he has admitted to oversharing, is a gift that keeps on giving. Not a week goes by that he doesn't make news around the world due to some revelation he made in his autobiography, Will, or while promoting it. This week's trending topic is the Men in Black actor who admitted to engaging in "rampant sex" following a painful breakup when he was 16 and how it affected his health. It seems that Melanie, Will's then-girlfriend, broke his heart when she cheated on him when he was 16 years old. According to The Independent, Will Smith writes in his autobiography, "Over the next six months, I went full ghetto hyena. It was constitutionally unpleasant to me to have sex with so many different women. I was so deeply affected by having an orgasm that I experienced a psychosomatic reaction.

Fortunately for Will Smith, by the time he wed Jada Pinkett in 1997, this teen antipathy had vanished. When he appeared on The Oprah Conversation, Oprah Winfrey read the following passage from his memoir: "For four months straight, we drank every day and engaged in many acts of sexual activity every day. I started to question whether this was a contest. There were only two options, in my opinion: either I was going to fulfill this woman's sexual needs or I was going to die trying."

In his autobiography, Will Smith also admits that his mother interrupted a private exchange between him and Melanie. When she entered the kitchen, "tens of thousands of times before, she switched on the light. However, this time, as her gaze fell upon her eldest son and his girlfriend, who were engaged in passionate but reckless lovemaking, "Reads Will's memoir, according to People.

Will Smith is not the only member of the family who has lax or nonexistent privacy restrictions. The fact that Jada Pinkett frequently discusses the couple's sex lives on her show Red Table Talk means that what happens in his and her bedrooms doesn't always remain in the bedrooms.

The Will-Jada binary appears to be a trainwreck from the outside, but they have managed to make it function for 24 years. Will stated in a GQ interview: "Jada had family members who were in unorthodox relationships, so she never thought that marriage should be the traditional way. She, therefore, experienced childhood extremely differently from how I did. There have been extensive, never-ending discussions over what relationship perfection is. What is the ideal manner for a couple to communicate? And throughout, most of our relationship, we chose monogamy rather than viewing it as the sole form of perfect partnership ". With the idea that everyone must discover their path, we have given each other our trust and independence. And our union cannot serve as a prison for us. And I don't recommend our route to anyone. I don't advise anyone to take this route. But to me, the adventures we've shared, the liberties we've granted one another, and the unwavering support are the epitome of love.

Will Smith has written about difficult father-son relationships in his biography, including the time he contemplated killing his violent, abusive father to "avenge" his mother and the moment Jaden, Will, and Jada's son thought about severing his ties with his parents.

Along with the Men In Black series, Will Smith is best known for his performance in the movies Independence Day, I Am Legend and the Bad Boys trilogy. He first gained fame as the lead of the 1990s comedy The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. He presently plays the father of Venus and Serena Williams in the movie King Richard.

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