Today world news Dentists were imprisoned for mass mutilation.

A father-and-son dental team in France operated on hundreds of patients in an unneeded and hazardous manner.

Two fraudulent dentists were given prison sentences by a French court on Thursday for performing unnecessary dental extractions and other procedures on healthy patients. The primary offender, 42-year-old Lionel Guedj, received an eight-year prison term, while his 70-year-old father, Carnot Guedj, who worked sporadically for his son, received a five-year sentence.

The criminal pair worked in Marseille between 2006 and 2012, preying on patients from the city's low-income areas. The Guedjs removed healthy teeth, treated root canals, and installed pricey bridges on countless numbers of unknowing patients.

The dentists prioritized quantity above quality, performing incredibly shoddy work that repeatedly led to infections, inflammations, and irreversible harm to their patients. Their ultimate purpose was to profit from the social security system.

Prosecutors claim that Lionel Guedj frequently completed root canal therapy in under 10 minutes, even though the somewhat sophisticated technique typically takes 45 minutes or more. Before the scheme was discovered, he completed about 3,900 of these surgeries on over 300 individuals.

With costs of up to €2.9 million, he rose to the position of highest-paid dentist in the nation in 2010. Guedj was able to fit almost 28 times more bridges than the normal dentist, according to the national health service, which helped to partially cover the costs of the fraudulent treatments.

The 'work' that the criminal doctors allegedly performed on their victims resulted in life-altering damage, according to the victims. One victim, who was 18 at the time, saw Guedj for a minor enamel problem but required the extraction of 24 teeth. Another sufferer lost all of their teeth.

The woman, who was only given the name Ouassila, claimed before the proceedings that she had lost half of her teeth by the time she was 45 and that by the time she was 55 she had none left but implants.

The judge castigated the dentists for using their "systematic" profit-making scheme to "systematically damage" the lives of their victims and subject them to "intolerable anguish." The dentists argued that they had not intended to hurt their patients, nevertheless.

The younger Guedj assured the court that he had "never, not ever, intended to hurt or create suffering." The dentists were jeered by the audience outside the courtroom, suggesting that neither the court nor the public was persuaded by their excuses.

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