Decorating ideas for the home: eccentric colour schemes to match your personality in your outfit

Home décor experts provide advice on unique color schemes for your clothes to match your vibe, from popcorn tones that go well with caramel to monochromes of lavender flowers that make for a sophisticated look.

You can choose to have a walk-in or reach-in wardrobe when remodeling your bedrooms, utilizing the entire area up to the false ceiling, or if you are expanding your home to make place for a larger bedroom, you can choose to have the opulence of a walk-in closet. With the large space, you can choose between sliding doors, standard swing doors, or even bi-fold doors for your wardrobe shutters, allowing visibility of all your designer clothing, bags, and shoes.

Since wardrobes are more than simply places to store your clothing and accessories, experts in home interior design advise designing the internal storage areas to have a variety of combinations based on your preferences, organization of your possessions, and accessibility. If done correctly, the design of your bedroom wardrobe can also function as a fashion statement; for this reason, the wardrobe's design and color scheme should not only be customized but also uniquely tailored to your lifestyle.

The perfect color scheme can drastically alter a home's vibe, and when it comes to clothing, artists and designers seem to be pushing the boundaries of color more than ever. This is due to the employment of a variety of "loud," "bright," and "unrelated" colors on clothing, furniture, interior, exterior, ceremonial, and other designs, which are considerably more expressive than standard color harmonies or laws allow for.

Umashan Naidoo, Head of Customer and Beauty at Westside, offered the following advice while discussing eccentric color schemes for your clothing to match your vibe: "This season has a variety of beautiful colors at play. Chic outfits feature lavender blossoms in monochromes or popcorn tones that go well with caramel. Daffodil yellow or a hot pink color combination are excellent choices to give spark and energy to an ensemble; they also have a mood-lifting impact. Try pairing two warm colors, like pink and red, or two cool colors, like cobalt and evergreen, to give an outfit more energy. When these colors are accented with tan, metallic, or brown, the result is magnificent and rich.

Wardrobes are a significant interior element that takes up a lot of space, therefore one needs to make the most of it, according to architect and interior designer Paushika Gupta, founder of Paushika Gupta Architecture+Design. If you enjoy old-fashioned drama, you can choose to install a wardrobe shutter with chinoiserie wallpaper or a lovely damask print. The wardrobes can be given a lively makeover by color blocking; laminates are available in many different color-wheel-inspired ranges. One can conceal a wardrobe with paneling or paint it the same color as the walls to blend in. Cane or fabric upholstered wardrobes in pastel colors can be done up for a more natural appearance. These are but a few alternatives; the possibilities are endless with wardrobe finishes.

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