Day 2 of CUET 2022 is plagued by technical issues, and the NTA clarifies the situation.

A late-night message from the NTA, according to some CUET hopefuls, allegedly informed them that their exam set for Saturday had been rescheduled.

The Common University Entrance Test-Undergraduate (CUET-UG) 2022 phase II was hampered by technical issues on Friday, causing the National Testing Agency (NTA) to postpone the exam at 50 locations across the nation. Some students also asserted that they received a late-night message from the NTA informing them that their exam for the following Saturday had been rescheduled for administrative and logistical reasons.

The exam was canceled on Thursday in the first shift at a few centers spread across 17 states, while it was canceledcenters in the second shift at all 489 centers. Many students stated that after waiting for two hours, they were told that the day's tests had been canceled. Additionally, candidates appeared to be in a panic as the organization failed to provide admit cards for Sunday.

The exam that was administered in the first shift on the second day was rescheduled at 20 centers nationwide and in the second shift at 30 centers. "Technical problems were reported at several centers, and as a result, reports from observers and municipal coordinators on the ground were requested. A decision to postpone the exam was made in light of their recommendations, according to a senior NTA official.

However, the agency did not reveal any new dates for the reexamination. "I came from Chhatarpur to the exam center in Noida Sector 64," said Ganika, who plans to major in BA (Hons) Sociology at Delhi University (about 34 km). We were forced to use the terminals as seats. We were informed around noon that the exam will not be held today due to

Another CUET candidate, Hemanshe Udar, voiced a comparable complaint. "To get to the center on time, I departed from my residence in Dwarka Sector 51 (44 km) at 530 am. But after almost three hours, we were informed that the paper would not be published today and that we must come on August 12. To commute from such a distance is very challenging, she remarked. Her mother claimed that while many parents took time off work to follow their children, it was challenging for parents as well.

The first shift exam was postponed at several locations in 17 states on Thursday, while the second shift exam was canceled across all 489 centers, giving the second portion of the CUET-UG a dismal start. These tests

Due to excessive rains, the NTA has also postponed the CUET-UG in Kerala, which was scheduled on August 4, 5, and 6. New dates will be notified later, according to the NTA. Some students said on Friday that they were instructed to cut off their admit cards, despite the agency having stated on Thursday that the same card would be valid for those who were unable to sit the exam.

The North Campus area resident, Roshni, remarked, "I have to go to the same location tomorrow for my Section 2 exam. We have confirmation that the test will go forward. However, it appears doubtful based on the scenario from yesterday and today. Candidates whose exams are scheduled for August 7 posted about admit card issues on social media throughout the day. In addition, some candidates posted their admit cards on social media while complaining that they had been assigned cities they had not chosen.

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