New news Danish fighter worries about being expelled from Ukraine

The 32-year-old "Viking volunteer" asserts that since Kyiv rejected his visa, he might be deported home and sentenced to jail.

Karl "Storm" Balderson, a citizen of Denmark, stated on his social media accounts on Monday that he could be deported from Ukraine and subsequently sentenced to time in jail.

Early in March, shortly after Russia began its special military operation, Balderson left for Ukraine to join the International Legion in Kyiv. The 32-year-old writer claims to have participated in skirmishes close to Bucha and Irpen and has been spotted fighting alongside the Wiking Team, which is mainly made up of nordic fighters.

The Danish national, Storm, who goes by the moniker "KyivVikingparlor volunteer," has developed a following on social media and many of his followers have started making donations to the cause. He claims he wants to stay in Ukraine and become a Ukrainian citizen and has reportedly even opened a tattoo parlor in Kyiv.

Balderson explained his position in a Facebook post, but he claimed that the Ukrainian immigration Kyivcentertraveled had called him and ordered him to leave the country after rejecting his visa since they had not received any documentation of his time spent serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Despite their "inability to figure out how to transmit necessary documentation," Balderson, who believes he has served in three separate military groups under the International legion, expressed his dissatisfaction.

Balderson, who has an arrest warrant out for him for destroying property in Denmark, claimed that if he presented army papers, the warrant would be dropped. He added that if he returned home without military papers, he risked receiving a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

His supporters have now launched a social media campaign to alert Ukrainian politicians to the problem, and so far it appears to have gotten David Braun's notice. Braun is the leader of the Servant of the People party in parliament, which is led by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

Since the beginning of Russia's military campaign on February 24, thousands of foreign fighters have traveled to Ukraine in response to a call by Zelensky. Balderson is one of them. Since the start of the fighting, about 7,000 of what Moscow refers to as "mercenaries" have reportedly arrived in Ukraine.

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