Crimea records a record grain harvest

Since the Soviet era, the region has reported its finest crop.

According to Sergey Aksyonov, the region's administrator, the Russian Republic of Crimea has harvested a record amount of grain.

He posted on his Telegram channel that "Crimean farmers have collected a record crop of more than 2.1 million tonnes, which is 700,000 tonnes higher than the previous year."

The grain crop allegedly totaled 1.47 tonnes in 2021. While the peninsula's own needs equal only 300,000 tonnes, Crimean farmers gathered one million tonnes of grain the previous year. The grain crop in 2019 was roughly 1.7 million tonnes before the pandemic.

Since the Soviet era, when the Crimean peninsula harvested 2.2 million tonnes of grain in 1989, the most recent statistic reflects the peninsula's largest yield.

Russian Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev stated earlier this month that a potential decline in output could cause the nation to export fewer than the 50 million tonnes of grain anticipated this year.

The minister claimed that a cold spring and harsh weather caused a delay in work starting in many places, which was to blame for any potential drop. The supply of foreign parts for agricultural equipment presented certain challenges for Russia as well.

A 130 million tonne grain crop, including a record 87 million tonnes of wheat, was previously anticipated by the ministry for 2022, with about 50 million tonnes of that grain slated for export.

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