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Controversy Over The Program Of Female Dancers In Saudi Arabia

A video of samba dancers going viral in Saudi Arabia due to which the anger of the people has erupted. People are saying that now the rules of Islam are being violated in the country. Seeing the anger of the people, the Local government has ordered an inquiry.

Video Of Samba Dancers Went Viral

A controversy has erupted over samba dancers at an event in the Islamic Country of Saudia Arabia. A video of women doing samba dance (samba is the traditional dancer of Brazill ) in small clothes is becoming increasingly viral on social media, which is getting a lot of criticism in Saudi Arabia. Following public outcry, the local government has ordered an inquiry into the matter. The video has been viral on social media since last week in which three foreign samba dancers are seen dancing on a busy street in the southern city of jazain in Saudi Arabia.

Samba Dancers Show UP In Saudi Arabia

According is taking place in the Jazan province of Saudi Arabia. 3 Samba dancers from Brazil were called to participate in it. These samba dancers paraded the busy street of Jazan dancing and singing in the night. During this, the dancers were dressed in bright blue and pink colors, which clearly showed their figure and curves. The Crown Prince wants Saudi Arabia's image in the eyes of the world not to be that of a conservative country and foreign investment should increase.

Anger Spread Among Conservatives

People are raising questions on social media that Saudi Arabia is the home of Islam. Now the same is getting away from the principles of Islam. One user wrote, 'We have forgotten that we are a Muslim country. We have started violating morality which is not right. Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman is trying to improve his country's international image by promoting such entertainment programs as part of his ambitious 'Vision 2030'.

Government Ordered Inquiry

However, now seeing the displeasure of the people, the governor of Jazan, Prince Mohammed bin Nasser has ordered an inquiry. It has been said in the order that it should be found out how these Samba dancers came to the festival. Who gave him permission for this? However, some people are questioning this decision of the government. They say that this order is only for public show and nothing is going to happen from it.

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